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"Business Incubator" enhances the entrepreneurship environment through resources and business services that are concerned with developing creative & green economy inspired by the popular cultural heritage in south Egypt, contributing to economic development and building sustainable societies. Striving for more investments, creating job opportunities, combating poverty, reducing immigration, and linking sub-cultures (Nuba - Sinai - Siwa) to the national economy in accordance with the agenda of Egypt's Vision 2030


Stimulating sustainable economic growth, and employment, developing emerging projects inspired by the Nubian heritage, and localizing creative & green economy locally and globally in various strategic sectors.


An "incubator" that provides distinguished services in creating an environment capable of creativity

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250 +
250 Project particpated in our programs
50000 +
50k total of investment in different projects
130 +
Freelance Work
130 Freelance Work have been finished
100 +
Number of investors
we have reached to 100 Investor in Africa
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