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natural products for skin & body inspired from nubian & sudanese heritage

suez , Egypt, Egypt

Nomailla ( natural skincare )

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"Nuba", the land of gold. the name "Nuba" came from the word " Nub" which means gold in the Nubian language as the Nubian land had the largest mines of gold at the time. The land of Nuba was the land that historically extended all the way along the river Niles shores from "AlShalal" region in the north to the very south where the Blue and the White Niles are in Sudan. Nubians are very distinguished for their culture and habits, especially grooming and selfcare. Nubian women had very powerful role in ancient Egypt's history as they used to be queens and rulers. The word "Kendaka" in the Nubian language means the queen , Nubian women also were very well known for their natural recipes used for skincare. "Nomailla" in Nubian means "Your adorable smell" , we named our brand " Nomailla" as we wanted to preserve our Nubian identity however put it in a modern and trendy way.


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